Custom Tours

All the custom tours can be built to include everything including accommodation and food, it’s your vacation so let us plan it for you.

Here’s some ideas of the custom tours we have planned for our clients to inspire your imagination:

The BIG and Friendly Ocean Giants

Humpback Whales – they migrate to our warm waters to calf and reproduce, breaching out of the water to attract a mate in spectacular aerial displays. 

Whale sharks – the largest fish in the ocean often called the gentle giant as it slips through the ocean gorging on plankton.  

The friendliest sealion pups in the world, the colony of the most playful sealions where the pups chew on your fins or summersault around you in the water. 

Grey Whales – migrate to the lagoons on the pacific to birth but have developed a remarkable inquisitive nature where they often approach the boats and chill on the surface.

Blue Whales – the largest marine mammal in the world migrates here to feed on krill over the deep ocean trenches near Loreto.

Dolphins – bottlenose, spotted and spinner dolphins congregate here in vast pods to calf and feed.

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