Into the Blue - Whale and Snorkel Safari

If you are looking for a more adventurous snorkeling tour, join us as we head out along the coast in search of cool marine life. We also have many quieter reefs that we can explore.

From mid December to mid April Cabo is also home to the migrating Humpback whales, they come to our warm waters to give birth to their babies and in search for a mate. Often leaping from the water in spectacular aerial displays, tail and head slapping to attract the ladies. Here the mum’s feed and train their babies for there long swim back to the cooler waters and summer feeding grounds in Alaska.

In the blue we can also look for manta rays, dolphins or turtles. As seen on the National Geographic and Blue Planet documentaries - twice yearly - from middle of May to August and from November to mid December - the Baja is home to the largest manta ray migration in the world, with Mobula rays coming in schools of up to 10,000. They jump out of the water to attract a mate and show off, but underwater is where we see the scale of the migration - and it’s spectacular! Pods of dolphins can also pass by. Feel to jump in and enjoy the marine life, or we can head to the quiet reefs for some snorkeling.

Start Time

8 am


3 hours


Please wear your swim suits, bring a towel and biodegradable sunscreen.

Group Size

Minimum 2 people, maximum 8 people. Please contact us for larger groups.


  • All snorkeling equipment
  • Life jackets
  • Water and snacks
  • Expert guide
  • Free videos and photos of your tour 


$ 115 per person

Child under 8

$ 85 per person

Groups up to 8 people

$ 600 per group

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